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Get Wire Rope Hoist And Goliath Crane From Reckoned Manufacturers

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Ankit Equipments is a well known wire rope hoist manufacturer, who is engaged in designing all types of industrial cranes for a long time. The company has earned reputation across the country for its expertise and dedication towards manufacturing superb quality, feature-rich industrial equipments and tools. The offered product range is designed using premium quality raw material and advanced technology in compliance with the industry standards.

Wire rope hoist is available in customized specifications, shapes, designs, sizes and capacities to meet the varying requirements of the clients. Being the foremost wire rope hoist manufacturer, the company features a vast warehouse furnished with the latest facilities. This type of product is highly demanded in a wide range of the industries for lifting heavy loads. This wire rope hoist is quality tested on different parameters by a team of expert engineers to ensure the outcomes as per the expectations of the clients.

What are the major features of this hoist?

Some important features of this hoist manufactured by Ankit Equipments includes-

Easy To Operate: The larger drum diameter provides an excellent vertical lift with a single hoist that is 1/8′ drift per foot of lift. It results in exceptionally smooth movement and fast load positioning. This innovative design also features a shorter frame length that allows closer end approaches. Standard two-speed hoist motor is specifically designed for hoisting applications and offers high starting torque and reliable load handling. The trolley motor’s standard inverter control offers two-speed multi step control for smooth acceleration & deceleration, minimal load swing, fast, efficient handling, optimum performance and accurate load placement.

Provides High Level Of Safety: Wire rope hoist is highly appreciated for providing standard safety features at no extra cost. The 4-position hoist limit switch includes an innovative phase mismatch protection circuit that prevents the block from running up and damaging the hoist in the event of phase reversal. Safe operation and increased reliability of wire rope hoist is due to its sealed brakes, hardened ground gears, thermal motor protection, matchless rope life and ergonomic hook block design with sturdy construction.

Less Maintenance Required: The trolley drive is grease lubricated, totally enclosed and designed to be maintenance-free. Wheel bearings of trolley are permanently lubricated. The automatic disc brake and inverter control help extend the life of motor as well as other components, which results in less maintenance, less downtime and reduced cost.

Long Life: The innovative gear case design of wire rope hoist reduces stress on drum bearings, need for maintenance and extends component life. It features hardened and ground internal reduction gears driving an external drum gear located on the inner surface of the rope drum. The semi-fluid grease lubrication of gearbox helps to extend working life of this hoist.

Ankit Equipments has been listed as one of the acknowledged Goliath crane manufacturers across the country. These cranes are engineered using supreme class components in compliance with the set industry norms. Goliath Cranes manufactured by this reckoned manufacturer do not require concrete foundation for installation.

The various features of these cranes are: longer service life, excellent performance, high efficiency, non-corrosive nature, smooth functioning, suitable design, easy maintenance, low maintenance cost, longer functional life and high reliability.


Want to fulfill all the heavy duty, material handling needs at your construction or industrial projects? Buy good quality industrial cranes that are designed in order to manipulate material handling  requirements at diverse industries with ease. Cranes are machines that lift heavy loads and carry them at the desired place safely. In India, there are many crane manufacturers and suppliers that develop and design a variety of industrial cranes that have made it easy to lift heavy weight of machines, materials, and other large size equipment and also carry them at the intended place without any hassle. Most industries, and manufacturing units uses a variety of cranes for material handling, and load shifting purposes. Avail cranes in high-tensile strength with high load lifting capacity from the trusted manufacturers and exporters in India. For instance.

Ankit Equipments (P) Limited, is one of the finest crane manufacturers and suppliers in India. Located at Bangalore, Karnataka, India, this company is engaged in making different types of cranes such as EOT cranes, Goliath cranes, Electric hoist cranes, Overhead cranes etc. All these cranes are a good option to be used in big construction projects and other load lifting works. The company is fabricating industrial cranes in its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit by using premium quality material. Also, the recent models of cranes made by the company are based on the latest technology and also hold automatic functions to operate easily. The company has long clientele in Bangalore and across India since its inception. Some highly demanded cranes of the company are as follows:

Goliath Cranes: Ankit Equipments is counted amongst the finest Goliath crane manufacturers in Bangalore, India. The company has developed some quality models of Goliath cranes, which are made up of premium material and are based on the latest technologies. These cranes possess robust construction, and high-end technical parts that make them more efficient and durable. Goliath cranes have good applications at open areas, road sides, construction works, shipping yards etc. The company has made these cranes useful and workable to lift heavy loads and place them at right spot without any problem. Get such cranes in different load lifting capacity and automatic functions and customized specifications at industry leading prices.

Overhead Gantry Cranes: The company provides high precision and modern technology based overhead gantry cranes which are designed with perfection to lift big machines, and other heavy materials easily at different industries. These types of cranes come with gantry hanging in the middle of the crane. The material is hanged by this single or double gantry and is shifted smoothly from one end to other of the crane. The gantry is locat

ed at height and lifts load strongly.
To avail these cranes in custom designs and features, you can contact them and get these heavy duty machines in various load lifting capacities at affordable prices.

The Importance of Double Girder EOT And Gantry Cranes in Industrial Works

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Can you image the tasks like construction, loading, unloading and lifting of heavy materials without the help of cranes? The answer will be a big no for sure. It indicates that cranes play a very crucial role for the industries that deal in construction. A wide range of cranes are available in the market such as EOT and Gantry cranes to simplify construction and many other tasks related to it. Therefore, it has become a must to approach a reckoned double girder EOT cranes manufacturer in order to get the top-notch quality cranes with amazing features. Such manufacturers and suppliers are not difficult to find as availability of the internet has made searching task extremely easier for the clients. The easiest and the best way to get renowned gantry cranes suppliers is to conduct market research and go through the websites. One trusted name in this regard that manufacture and supply a plenty of fully-functional cranes to meet requirements of the clients is Ankit Equipments Private Limited.

Ankit Equipments ranks amongst the leading gantry cranes suppliers and EOT cranes (both single girder and double girder) manufacturers. The company is creating milestones in the field of crane manufacturing since 1996, indicating that it has rich industry experience of nearly two decades. It develops world-class double girder EOT cranes according to the latest international standards. Being a trustworthy double girder EOT cranes manufacturer, the company has so far developed and delivered numerous cranes of such types. These cranes are highly durable, high-performing and have a box type structure. They are enclosed with lubricated gear box and consist of forged steel material wheels. The assembly of wheels of this crane are provided on “L” structure along with spherical roller bearings.

Gantry cranes are also in demand and they come in modern design. These cranes consist of a plenty of unique features and are designed using the advanced techniques. It features an elevated horizontal girder connected to both ends. Gantry cranes are fixed in location and mounted on the girder. It has a huge capacity of lifting heavy weight and provides optimum performance while executing the tasks like lifting, loading and unloading. In fact, these cranes have become an essential part of any construction work to reduce manpower and improve productivity. These cranes are known as overhead bridge cranes and can lift heavy weight as per your requirements.

Cranes are widely used by the construction industries for several purposes such as lifting, loading and unloading of the heavy materials. Cranes not only m3.2-Goliath-Craneake the things easy for human beings, but also help reduce time and efforts that may be used in performing several other useful activities. There are several types of cranes developed by the manufacturers with special features, functionality and advantages for the humankind. Two of the most widely used and popular types of cranes are: Goliath and JIB. This post is all about the details of both of these cranes along with their features.

Goliath cranes are mainly used for working in the open areas such as shipping yards, construction industry, road sides and many other areas. These cranes are not only perfect for maintaining fitting works in workshop but can also be fitted in an easy and effective manner with walkways as well as assembly platforms. To get these types of high quality cranes, approach the reckoned Goliath crane manufacturers. It is because they use the latest techniques and the industry’s best practices for developing cranes to ensure 100% clients satisfaction. These cranes are highly durable and come with a long-lasting strength. There are certain specific features of these Goliath cranes which include-

  • Extremely safe to use
  • Highly flexible
  • 100% load unbalance as well as accuracy
  • High rigidity
  • Rugged design
  • Ease of operation
  • Explosion proof
  • Speed control
  • Matchless performance
  • Low requirement of maintenance
  • Outstanding load bearing capacity
  • Automatic braking at the time of power failure
  • Double-coated synthetic and primer enamel
  • Case-hardened gears

    JIB cranes are another important category of cranes basically used for lifting heavy duty machines in an easy manner. Due to great durability and strength, these cranes can hold a freight at its outer end. Whenever you buy this form of crane, then go for highly recognized JIB cranes manufacturer because they develop cranes with top-notch quality material, high-tensile strength and as per the international standards and offer them at affordable prices in the market. Some important features of JIB cranes are as follows:-

  • Come with both motorized and manual swivel
  • Perfect for low head room
  • Easy to stand freely on its own foundation
  • Capacity to bear or lift huge weight
  • Capacity to bear or lift huge weight
  • Easy erection
  • Quick and swift handling of components
  • Easy to rotate

These were some crucial features of both Goliath and JIB cranes. In case you are looking for industry’s best quality cranes at reasonable prices, approach Ankit Equipments (P) Limited, they are one of the renowned Goliath crane manufacturers and JIB cranes manufacturers in India that offer supreme quality, latest technology and best prices.

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